Conquer Mt Buller's Summit on the new guided Via Ferrata

What is RockWire?

Enjoy stunning views and an adrenaline rush as you traverse the highest peak of Mt Buller. Our newest experience, RockWire, is a guided climb along a secure route exploring the Summit’s west face over a series of fixed anchors, steel cables, ladders, bridges and other features such as steps and handholds. You’re hooked onto cables and lead by an experienced guide using a harness and special lanyards for safety. People with various levels of climbing experience can enjoy the thrill of high-altitude exploration while minimising the risks associated with traditional climbing.

It’s based on a Via Ferrata, which means “iron way”, and originated in Italy to help soldiers cross treacherous mountains in WW1. It’s now a common adventure throughout Europe and North America, and Mt Buller is excited to have RockWire bring the first alpine Via Ferrata to Australia.

How it works

RockWire is a route along the west face of the Summit. Your experienced guide will lead you using special cables and lanyards that you hook onto with carabiners. You must have a RockWire guide to access the route. It will take about 3 hours to complete the experience from first meeting, gearing up and completing the route.


Who is it for?

RockWire is for those looking for an adventure. You don’t need to have climbing experience, but a reasonable level of fitness will be required to climb and move along the route. You will need to be able to climb short but steep hikes and climb a ladder with ease. You must be at least 120cm tall and 40 kilos to climb.   If you have questions about whether it's for you - just ask us and wherever possible we'll offer a safe and fun climb for everyone. 

What to Bring

The mountains are known for quick weather changes, so come prepared for all sorts of weather - often in the same day!

RockWire guide

Active clothing


Small backpack


Water bottle




Warm layers


Water proof jacket


Explore the route

There is currently one route ready to go along the west face of the Summit of Mt Buller. More routes are planned and being built right now!

To access the route, your guide will take you to the Summit and lead you up along the ridge to the start of the route. Along the way there are some rocks to practice on and get you warmed up.

Route 1 is our easiest and perfect for your first time on the Via Ferrata. This route traverses along two main rock bands. It has two wire bridges and two wire ladders to help you scale the exposed west face and get your blood pumping! The Delatite Valley 1000m below is beautiful and spectacular and creates the sense of a true alpine adventure. RockWire has a continual cable system – once you are safely hooked on you can’t come off until you finish - so you can enjoy the journey knowing you are safe!

Route 1 in rockwire colours


Route 1  is approximately 3+ hours of climbing


Morning Session:           8.30am to 12.30pm (includes gearing up)

Afternoon Session:         1.00pm to 5.00pm




Group Tour Session Prices
per person $199 $229


Private Tour Session Prices (Private Guide)
Up to 4 people $916 $1036
5 people $1095  $1245 
6 people $1194  $1374 


RockWire is ideally suited for schools and groups seeking team-building and adventure.  Our guides will tailor a climb to suit your group and abilities – contact us directly at with your request for a quote and booking availability.