Local's Day Out Shuttle Tour

Unlock a summer adventure without the drive!

Available from 8 February 2024
Introducing: Your Gateway to Valley and Mountain Exploration
Embark on an extraordinary expedition between Mansfield and the breathtaking terrains of Mt Buller and Mt Stirling. Welcome aboard the "Locals' Day Out" shuttle service, tailored for the modern explorer seeking seamless exploration and discovery.
When Can You Embark on This Epic Journey?
Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from January through March become your gateway to this thrilling expedition. With four trips daily, our Explorer Shuttle, complete with a bike trailer, ensures your convenience and comfort.
- Depart Mansfield towards Mt Buller at 8am, 10.40am, 2.00pm, and 4.40pm.
- Leave Mt Buller towards Mansfield at 9.20am, 11.45am, 3.25pm, concluding at 5.15pm from Mirimbah Store.
Why Choose the Explorer Shuttle for Seamless Travel?
Experience a seamless blend of stunning landscapes and hidden gems, all within your reach. Neil Geddes, the visionary behind Locals' Day Out, understands the yearning for discovery. This shuttle bridges the gap, connecting you with local wineries, historic landmarks like the Hunt Club Hotel, and the pulse of the valley. Whether it's a leisurely lunch at Delatite Winery, a family day on the gravity trails at Mt Buller, or an adventurous detour, this shuttle caters to your desires.
The Flexibility You Crave: Where You Can Hop On and Off
Flexibility reigns supreme! Opt for single trips, returns, or unlimited day passes. Our stops span from Delatite Winery to BOMA restaurant, catering to your exploration whims. For bikers, we're geared up for your thrill rides, embracing rail trails and alpine routes, embracing your adrenaline-fueled passions.
Tailored Adventures: Customize Your Experience
Elevate your adventure! Charter your 4x4 and delve into tailor-made escapades. From scenic picnics at Craig's Hut to historical tours and beyond, craft your journey with our range of vehicles and experienced local guides turned drivers.
Join the Journey This Summer
Look out for our Explorer Shuttles navigating the roads, primed for adventure. Embrace a summer where the drive takes a back seat, allowing you more moments to relish lazy picnics, exhilarating trails, and indulgent long lunches.
Join Neil and our friendly team on this journey, promising to transform your summer into an odyssey of boundless exploration and unforgettable memories.

Running Trails

Open Gang Gangs Lazy Loop Beginner
Open Klingsporn Cruise Beginner
Open Summit Nature Loop Beginner
Open Delatite Drop Intermediate
Open Machinery Shed Loop Intermediate
Open Razorback Run Intermediate
Open Stirling Huts Loop Intermediate
Open Craig's Hut Return Advanced
Open Little Buller Loop Intermediate