Day Trips

Come on up for a cool adventure

Come up for a day...

...but be warned, you might find it hard to leave!  

The mountains are your place for a cool escape from the hustle and heat of summer and you'll be amazed at what's waiting just a short drive up the road.

Here are a few ideas for a great day on the mountain - mix and match to create an adventure that's uniquely yours.


Choose a short walk or a proper hike , we've got plenty of options and they are all filled with views, wildflowers, cool glades and spots to stop and picnic. 

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Dip into the calendar and choose something that speaks to you. Mountain bike gatherings, gourmet lunches, family fun and trail runs.  Join in and be part of a mountain of experiences this summer.

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Mt Buller is back on the 'must-visit' list for biking enthusiasts. Recent refurbishments have transformed the trail network into a biking paradise for anyone with a love of flow, gravity and road. Saddle up and we'll see you out on the trail.

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If you're visiting just for the day it's worth getting up here early for the dawn or staying for the sunset - golden hour is not to be missed up here.  If you can make time to stay the night - the star shows in the night sky are superb too!