Mountain Bike Shuttles

Shuttle services for 2023/4 are coming very soon! Shuttles are set to roll from 1 December 2023 so check back here for schedules...

Can't wait to ride? Use this info to help make some plans (indicative info from last season).

The Gravity Zone

Multiple buses running non-stop 10am to 4pm.  Simply jump on the shuttle vehicle when you reach the end of the trail (turn right at trails end and pedal a short distance along the dirt road). The key trails here are Copperhead; ABOM; Outlaw Express and International.   People also ride other trails within the bike park and then make their way down to the shuttle to be taken back up to the resort village.  The Gravity Zone shuttle collects you from the Lower Tyrol Carpark and drops you on the launchpad at the very top of the gravity trails. 

Mirimbah Shuttle

A shuttle bus running from the very bottom of the mountain.  This caters to people riding both the Epic Trail and Delatite River Trail.  This shuttle leaves from the Mirimbah cafe at scheduled times.  We recommend booking in advance so you can plan your ride.  It takes our vehicles 30 – 40 minutes to drive back up the mountain, and is much easier than pedaling. Must book 4 days in advance. 


Mirimbah Shuttles  - TBC for season 2023/4

Gravity Zone shuttles - TBC for season 2023/4

Please note shuttles can only be booked online up until 2 days prior


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