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Trail Report 8th December 2023

For this week’s trail report I would like to start it off with a couple of stats. During the spring months not including the work Contour Works have been doing the ARV trail crew have spent a total of 55 days out preparing the trails for the green season. That equates to 670 labour hours of raking, blowing, brush cutting, chain sawing, digger operating, and other general trail work. A huge thanks to everyone involved.

After a wet and wild weekend, the Fresh work on Abom has packed in beautifully and is ready to shred. The crew went back in to address some areas that have been persistently wet with good solutions found for most of them. For the time being there will be a small detour around one section that still needs to dry out but other than it is now riding sweet.

The Contour crew have been hammering through the upper section of Copperhead and it looks like a totally different track in a very good way. The crew have spent hours sifting out rocks and reshaping to help riders hold speed and just generally have just a heap more fun. The whole top half of the trail will be closed this weekend as the crew near completion of that section then with hopefully a little bit of rain it should be good to go very soon.

In between hand finishing all the excavator work on Copperhead the crew have started buffing up Gang Gangs and the first section of turns are a slapping good time. After Copperhead is finished we are hoping Contour Works can squeeze in Misty Twist before Christmas. It won’t be a full rebuild but we have some key areas that we want to hit and while they are there give the rest a general tidy up so stay tuned for that one.

In other news we have had an excavator out on the pinnacle track that leads you to the Enjoy sign. The track had become very rowdy, but we have had some good success out there and riders will find that section far more enjoyable now. Heads up if you’re heading out there, we haven’t quite finished yet but it’s obvious where the digger is up to.


 This trail report will be a good source of information on where Contour Works are at so keep an eye out and get pumped for some shuttle laps or a blast out around our network. We will share weekly updates here, on the Bike Buller Facebook and direct to your inbox as the trail openings roll around.  

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Heads up Trigger Happy is now a dedicated descending trail, riders need to return to Buller via Corn Hill Road to the Heli Pad (bottom of Gang Gangs) before heading up the Splitrock climb to the village. Alternatively form Howqua Gap follow the Circuit Rd to River Spur, bomb down that then join onto the Delatite River Trail finishing in Mirimbah.

If you have been keeping up date with the Buller trails you will know how stoked we are after all the refurbishment work in recent years but don’t take our word for it... Flow give the lowdown here 

The Mt Buller MTB trail network was extensively refurbished in 2022 thanks to a $1.25m grant funding from the Victorian Government’s Regional Tourism Infrastructure Fund


Shuttles are now able to be booked for Friday-Sunday from early December.

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Open Australian Alpine Epic (XC) Advanced
Open Box Corner Link (XC) Intermediate
Open Family Trail (XC) Beginner
Open Picnic Trail (XC) Beginner
Open One Tree Hill (XC) Beginner
Open Soul Revival (XC) Beginner
Open Clancy's Run (XC) Intermediate
Open Cornhill Trail (XC) Intermediate
Open Delatite River Trail/DRT (XC) Intermediate
Open Gang Gangs (XC) Intermediate
Open Medusa (XC) Intermediate
Open Misty Twist (XC) Intermediate
Closed Plough Shed Entry (to DRT) Intermediate
Open River Spur (XC) Intermediate
Closed Snowgums (XC) Intermediate
Open Split Rock (XC) Intermediate
Open Trigger Happy (XC) Intermediate
Open Wombat (XC) Intermediate
Closed Woody's Shortcut (XC) Intermediate
Open Woolybutt (XC) Intermediate
Open Stonefly (XC) Advanced
Open ABOM DH Intermediate
Closed Copperhead (Gravity/DH) Intermediate
Open Outlaw (Gravity/DH) Intermediate
Open International (Gravity/DH) Advanced
Open Pump Track Beginner